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Because now I’ve got SIX asks about him sitting in my inbox.

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Ooooh, and here I was thinking his hairlessness and missing nose were his metis thing. Pretty badass battle scarring there! How’d he get burned?

His parents tried to kill him this way when he was a cub. (no kidding)

I believe it; that’s very in theme for Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

"Hi, we’re the Garou. We’re heros! We’re also horrible violent assholes."

"And we also like to set on fire our metis offsprings"

Asker inkary Asks:
I want Jade telling a really bad pun to By, who was drinking and choked because the pun was THAT bad, also explosions on the background and the palette #21
inkary inkary Said:


This palette really hard to drawwww XD!!! But hope you like it! 

And I’ll wait for your reply : P!!!!

AW YUS THANK you <33333333333


Experimenting with different lighting effects and blending modes, mostly trying to create a consistent colour theme for the pieces.

This time I decided to do a Fan Illustration of Loki Prime. Doing some kind of space magic?

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I’m not exaggerating when I said that Eden gets really fucking huge when he fully transforms.  
I really just wanted to draw Eden looking fucked up, and get a better understanding of his size and what he’d look like further into his transformation.  I also wanted a little Gem for a size comparison, but I ended up making her far tinier than anticipated. Oh well, it’s still canon.  Still not sure about his face here, but it’s getting somewhere.  I also think he’s not as crazy looking as I want him to be, but I’ll figure that out as I go.

If anyone other than Gem walked in right now, Eden would lose it and eat them whole without a second thought.  He ingrained it into his subconscious to not hurt Gem, due to his constant fear of accidently killing her, but that fear wont stop him from eating other people in this form. 
Here Gem is is just trying to give what little comfort she can to him until this painful episode passes.

I’m really surprised that I finished this today.  I mean I’ve been trying to rush it so I can get back to working on a commission, but still.  I could do more with it, but I want to move on before I dedicate a chunk of my life to this.  I learned some shit from it, so it was worth the time.


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On the to do list along with stuff for
Gran masta mag daddy, Tyr, inka bby, and Gurren qt.

Inka bby? You meant Daniel?

I do. ;3


I’ve got this guy to colors more than 2 weeks ago but got to work on the sword just now. Commissioner’s request was to make it glowy like that light saber but with smaller blue part.

And today Diego Gisbert Llorens-san uploaded to DA this guy: http://fav.me/d7sr6qr

*scratches head* I guess this is god’s providence. Mmmmmhm


My process for all the paisley armchair pictures. I sometimes forgot to save iterations regularly, so they’re a bit uneven (especially the blue one).

Sorted in the order they were made.



Gaze into the light of the Janus key, Alad. Be cleansed of your impurities. 

It’s more like… the jAnus key.

[2:26:14] [kaz]: goddamnit lol both the other reblogs have your comment on them…






Do you feel it, tumblr?

That feel.

A kind of feely feel.

The feely feel that feels…


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Instead of glorifying violence against women, glorify violence against the foul xenos and the lying heretik.


Gaze into the light of the Janus key, Alad. Be cleansed of your impurities. 

It’s more like… the jAnus key.


As much as I love to see his happiness, I love his sadness as well.